Company Information
Mid-Atlantic Utilities, Inc. was incorporated on February 1st, 1992 with its main office at Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Now in its eighteenth year of operation, the company strives to provide excellent service and the highest quality construction workmanship to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  Company employees provide diversification and extensive experience allowing consistently positive results in the most challenging and difficult situations.

What we do
Mid-Atlantic Utilities, Inc. performs general municipal utility, electrical and communication construction for customers throughout Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia, Washington D. C. and Central Pennsylvania. Work involves the placement of municipal and private sewage systems, municipal and private water systems, underground electric and underground communication systems. Most work is underground installed by general excavation or directional drilling methods. Appurtenant facilities as pumping stations, communications pads, electrical switch pads and other vaults and chambers are constructed to provide complete systems.
Our Equipment

Mid-Atlantic Utilities, Inc. incorporates State of the art equipment into projects of all sizes allowing for increased reliability and efficiency.  Modern equipment with updated options and the latest safety features allows projects to be performed on time and on schedule with the utmost attention to the well being of employees and other on site project representatives.

Our Directional Drilling Equipment offers versatility regarding many of the obstacles generally associated with open cut utility construction.  It allows access to many areas previously unaccessable due to traffic, waterways, existing utilities and other restrictions.  Customers benefit from shorter deadlines, decreased cost, and less overall complications.  In some cases, trenchless technology is becoming the preferred method for installing underground utilities. 

Rigorous maintenance and constant upgrading means our equipment suffers less down time and often exceeds industry standards allowing us the flexibility and the technology to easily complete even the most complicated jobs.

Quality Control
Mid Atlantic Utilities, Inc. has been recognized for excellence throughout the industry.  Our quality of service, safety, economy, and overall customer satisfaction has always been and will always be our top goal in approaching any project. Our ongoing commitment to excellence and our ability to constantly maintain the highest standards possible sets our operation well above the average.
Our Footprint
Mid-Atlantic Utilities, Inc. operates with six crew working throughout Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia, Washington D. C. and Central Pennsylvania.  Project sizes range from $5,000.00 to $3,000,000.00 with sales averaging about 3.5 to 4 million annually.
Construction capabilities include:
Underground Communication and Outside Plant.
Underground Electric Raceway, Manholes and Appurtenances.
Temporary Water Bypass Systems.
Underground Water Main Rehab and Replacement.
Sanitary Sewer Construction.
Underground Cable Placement.
Blacktop and Concrete Pavement Repair.
Directional Boring distances to 1,500 lf Reamed to 28” Diameter.
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